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As in many other industries, there is a strong focus in the building and construction industry on creating healthy growth and earnings that allow for the development of the company.

When a company in the construction industry goes from one to several employees and reaches a certain size, challenges often arise in managing the company's tasks in relation to where equipment and manpower is located. This can include, for example, large tools, machines, trailers, cars and small hand tools, drills, angle grinders, circular saws or other types of equipment. When there are more employees and more tools to keep track of, the complexity increases. Conversely, efficiency and thus earnings decline.

One of the areas where optimization can boost earnings is the time employees spend locating the equipment they need to perform their work. Observations show that 5% of working time can be attributed to looking for equipment that has gone missing or otherwise not where it should be (read more in our case about Wils A / S). The time spent looking is a waste of time, which creates frustration on the part of the individual employee and slows down the work.

kaastrup|andersen has built up a strong knowledge within the building and construction industry over the past few years and provides efficient workflow systems for both small and large companies in the industry. For example, Buch Construction, Wils and Arkil.

kaastrup|andersen offers:

    • To optimize existing applications and processes
    • To developing new applications in close collaboration with your company
    • To give you access to developed industry solutions from kaastrup|andersen - see and try the solutions here

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