Establish a stable production output and efficient and flexible operations

A predictable and stable production output is crucial for you to reach your KPIs.

We can help you realise the potential in your production processes. Our experienced consultants and certified project managers step in with analysis and potential assessment, design and development of solutions, as well as implementation and commissioning of the changes needed to optimise production in your company.

We can assist you in optimising your operations and preparing your production for new products.

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Case: VELUX Group achieves capacity optimisation with machine learning

With a well-defined goal of increasing capacity and quality on a critical production line, VELUX Group and kaastrup|andersen have collaborated on an analysis of sensor and production data, resulting in a prototype of a machine learning model.

Read the case here.

Our services

We have deep business understanding and expertise in:

Shop floor management

Shop Floor Management

Shop floor management fokuserer på at optimere produktionsmiljøet ved at inddrage medarbejdere på alle niveauer af virksomheden i daglige forbedringsaktiviteter. Ved at skabe en kultur med kontinuerlig forbedring og ansvarlighed, motiverer vi medarbejderne til at identificere og løse problemer, hvilket øger jeres produktivitet og kvalitet.


Lean Optimisation

Using Lean principles and methods, we optimise your production by focusing on eliminating waste, identifying root causes of errors, and optimising resource utilisation. We look at unnecessary movements and processes, waiting times, overproduction, inventory, overtime, and can conduct activities such as 5S and value stream mapping. This increases productivity, improves quality, and reduces costs.


Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

A MES solution allows you to control and monitor your production processes in real-time. It bridges business systems and automation/production systems. MES can increase productivity, improve quality control, reduce costs, increase traceability, and improve planning, among other benefits.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) SCADA is a system used to monitor and control industrial processes in real-time. SCADA is relevant for you if you have complex production processes, large-scale and high production volumes, a need for increased efficiency and safety, better handling of emergencies, or need to strengthen your data-driven decision-making approach.


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Are you facing challenges with growing warehouse complexity, rising inventory costs, lack of traceability and accuracy, increasing demand and the need for faster fulfillment, complex logistics needs, and requirements for accurate data collection and reporting? Then we can help you organise your warehouse or distribution center and ensure that your facility operates efficiently and achieves its goals.


New Product Introduction (NPI) & Technology Transfer

NPI and Technology Transfer play a crucial role in production. By improving NPI and technology transfer, you can achieve accelerated innovation, effective knowledge sharing, and increased competitiveness. Improvement methods include establishing interdisciplinary team structures, implementing technology transfer strategies, and investing in modern technological tools.

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kaastrup|andersen as your business partner

We assemble a unique team of project managers and specialists based on your needs and the scope of the project. They help you identify the measures needed to solve your challenge.

Our project managers and specialists have extensive experience in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, they have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to lead, optimise, and implement new initiatives in production, where delivery capability, resource consumption, costs, and capacity are important factors to consider.

We're always ready to have a no-obligation conversation with you about optimising your production. Contact Thomas Tengstedt at +45 7027 7719 or