Optimise your supply chain and create improved cash flow and competitiveness

Better liquidity, lower capital binding, and a smooth flow in the sale of products - these are some of the benefits of an optimised supply chain.

When your supply chain is efficient, transparent, and flexible, it is also robust and can respond quickly to fluctuations in demand and changes in the environment. We can help you identify challenges at both strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

We can assist you in optimising your inventory, bridging the gap between your strategy and operations, and streamlining data flow.

Case: Manufacturing company McBride saves millions in investments by optimising existing inventory

McBride had allocated millions to address capacity challenges in their inventory. By optimising their existing inventory, which became more organised, structured, and efficient, costs could be kept at a modest 50,000 kr.

Read how we, in collaboration with McBride, streamlined their inventory and saved them millions in investments.

Read the full case here

Our services

We have deep business understanding and expertise within:

Inventory Optimazation

Inventory Optimisation

Efficiency, optimisation, and reduction of inventory require overview and control. We have good experiences using 2xABC analysis, which reveals which products provide the most value for your company and which products are 'filling up' and therefore should be reduced.

Sales and operation planning

Sales & Operation Process (S&OP)

Who doesn't want increased revenue, reduced working capital, better balance between supply and demand, overview, transparency, and cross-functional collaboration? We all do, and those are just some of the benefits you can gain from an efficient and targeted S&OP.

Sourcing excellence

Sourcing Excellence

Get help optimising your costs, quality, and delivery time. We can assist you in identifying, evaluating, and selecting the best suppliers, materials, and services on the most advantageous terms and prices.

Third party logistics

Third-party logistics (3PL)

The shipping pattern is changing towards more frequent and numerous deliveries. Regardless of the composition of your transportation providers and needs, the potential for increased delivery and cost efficiency is often significant. We help you develop a setup that matches your company's development.

Let's have dialogue about optimising your supply chain.

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We assemble a unique team of project managers and supply chain specialists based on your needs and the scope of the project. They help you uncover what measures are needed to solve your challenge.

Our project managers and specialists deliver solutions based on optimised processes, cross-functional management, differentiated planning, and performance management.

We are always ready to have a non-binding conversation with you about optimising your supply chain. Contact Flemming at +45 7027 7719 or fmj@kaastrupandersen.dk.