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Create success in your projects with certified project managers and experienced consultants. Our project managers have extensive experience with projects throughout the value chain, such as production projects, change projects, development projects, and IT projects.

Our key to success lies in our team of certified, permanent project managers. Our project managers have expertise in PRINCE2 and Scrum and possess extensive knowledge of hybrid project management and change management. Therefore, we can deliver and adapt the necessary knowledge and experience that ensures progress in your project.

Every day, we help companies lead and ensure progress in their business-critical projects. We have been doing this for over 20 years for some of Denmark's largest companies, as well as smaller companies with big ambitions. Our foremost task is to give you confidence in knowing that your investment in business development and new digital solutions yields returns.

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Case: kaastrup|andersen gets derailed project back on track

In a large organisation with many concurrent projects, projects get derailed from time to time. This can happen due to a number of reasons, including technical challenges, lack of expertise, interpersonal friction, organisational complexities, and internal politics.

Our project manager took over the project after 4 months and set it on the right course.

Read the case here.

Our services

We have deep business understanding and expertise in these business areas:

Business Applications

ERP | BI | Data Management | PLM | CPQ | CRM | PIM



Lean | MES | ShopFloor| SCADA | WMS | NPI & Technology Transfer

IT infrastructure and security

IT infrastructure & Security

Cloud Migration | Cyber Security | NIS2 | ISO 27001

Research and development

Research & Development

Concept & Technology Development | Design for Manufacturing | Prototyping & Testing | Product Improvement | NPD | NPI

Supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Inventory Optimisation | S&OP | Sourcing Excellence | 3PL

How we create results for your business

Our holistic business understanding is crucial to ensuring that your projects not only meet technical requirements but also contribute to your overall business goals. We work closely with you to ensure that the project creates real value and sustainable success.

One of our strengths is our ability to quickly get up to speed in any project and become a natural part of the project team. We understand your challenges and needs and can quickly start delivering value.

Our approach to project management

Human relations

We understand the importance of human relationships and stakeholder management. By focusing on building healthy relationships with the stakeholders in your project, we ensure a smooth and successful collaboration process. No one should feel overlooked, bulldozed, or deprioritised. We come as the team player who gathers the team so that together we can make progress.

Project context

We have proven that we are skilled at navigating complex organisations and understanding the different needs and priorities that exist across departments and teams. We have long-standing relationships with our clients because we understand how to relate to both the project itself and its context.

Project foundation

A solid foundation for a project requires a strong steering group with the right decision-makers, the right framework for the project, and the ability to handle conflicting agendas in the organisation. We understand - and dare - to challenge the framing, but also know the delicate balance that exists when an external consultant enters an established team.

E-book about agile project mangement

In a world in change, agile project management can be the road ahead.
In this e-book you get useful tips and tricks.