Protect your business with strong IT security and infrastructure

The right IT infrastructure can optimise operations and productivity and drive your company's growth. When critical business areas are tied to IT, changes in the business constantly create new security challenges.

Recent years' cyber attacks have shown how expensive it is for a company to be hit. It requires a holistic plan to secure your business against the cyber threat.

We can help you create the overview and ensure that you stand as securely as possible against hackers and other threats to the business.

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Tina Lykke Skafsgaard Hentze

Department Manager, Business Infrastructure & Security
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Case: The company closed the critical holes in IT security

Case: The company closed the critical holes in IT security kaastrup|andersen has helped a large manufacturing company prepare for and initiate the deployment of an entirely new connectivity platform to secure the network – and thus the entire company's infrastructure and operations – against compromising cyber attacks that could potentially threaten the company's existence.

Read the full case here.

Our services

We have deep business understanding and expertise in:


IT security

Get help with management and implementation of new cybersecurity solutions, building a robust security framework, or consulting on cyber strategy, architecture choices, risk management, and contingency plans.

We can also help you become compliant with NIS2 and certified in ISO 27001.



When the requirements of your business shift, IT must keep up. The right IT infrastructure is crucial for you to create stable, cost-effective operations and simultaneously exploit the growth opportunities that arise.

We can, among other things, help you with architecture choices, consulting, project management, and change management.

Let's have a chat about your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity.

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kaastrup|andersen as your business partner

We assemble a unique team of experienced IT project managers and security consultants based on your needs and the scope of the project. They help you identify what measures are needed to solve your challenge. Through a thorough analysis of your current IT infrastructure, we identify any vulnerabilities and develop a tailored security strategy or roadmap that matches your specific needs and business goals.

Our approach is based on comprehensive knowledge of the latest security technologies. We have trained IT consultants in ISO 27001 and NIS2, ensuring that best practices are followed. They have extensive experience in IT, for example as project managers in IT departments, infrastructure architects, managers of IT departments (including operational security management), or they have worked directly with IT operations. Therefore, they have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to implement and protect the IT systems in your company, and above all, an understanding of the importance of performance and uptime.

We are always ready for a non-committal talk with you about your IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. Contact Tina Hentze, Department Manager, Business Infrastructure & Security, at +45 7027 7719 or