Implement solutions that ensure an efficient service business

Creating and optimizing a business of services is not straightforward – and especially not if the business has traditionally focused its investments in other parts of the business.

Servitization is an important element in the transition that many Danish manufacturing companies are going through these years. In a world of increasing competition, companies that connect services to their products often have a better starting point for creating value for their customers and thus strengthening their competitiveness.

It is an advantage to implement systems and processes as the service business grows. It is more cost effective and it eases the life of the end customer.

kaastrup|andersen has worked intensively for several years to implement and optimize workflows to support the service business. We can help you with a range of challenges, from optimization and planning of service visits, establishing service centers, centralizing data on product defects to integration of operational data from the products at the customer etc. We help you transform your service business, making it ready for the future, creating even more value for both your business and your customers.

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