Lower your costs and increase the value of your investments

Does the return on production match the large investments and are the processes efficient?

Refinement and quality of production are highly dependent if the workflows involved are well-defined. Many elements are at play: How is product delivery initiated for production? Should the products be tested – and how? How to gear the production capacity? Clear goals, processes and effective follow-up are key to continuous production optimization and development and thus improved competitiveness.

We help companies realize their potential in the production processes and can conclude, among other things, that digitization of the production base, new production methods and virtual communication options form the basis for ensuring flexibility and high-efficiency 'produce to order' concepts. It creates a solid foundation for facing the future.

We analyze and uncover potential, designing and developing solutions as well as implementing and commissioning the changes needed to optimize production in your company.

kaastrup|andersen delivers projects and solutions in the production area, including:

  • Procurement of equipment, expansion and adaptation of existing production
  • Automation, machines and test equipment
  • New Product Introduction & Technology Transfer
  • Optimization, Lean, Six Sigma projects
  • Digitization of production planning and work processes
  • Implementation of MES and shopfloor systems
  • Predictive maintenance and Analytics

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