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Are you striving to deliver your new product to the market on time, within budget, and with the right quality? And do you, above all, want the product to be a great success?

We can help you create progress, control, and stability in your development project so you can deliver the desired results. Our experienced project managers are skilled at navigating complex organisations and quick to acquire knowledge of new development projects and concepts, thus bringing them up to speed.

Our project managers step in as team players, focusing on bringing the team together and ensuring clear and effective communication so that the team makes progress and delivers real value.

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Case: Vestas Offshore Wind creates tailwind in product development

New versions of turbines require a significant effort in design, development, and testing - and ensuring that workflows and processes are established within the organisation. Therefore, when a new design is put to its first test, it is crucial to have a setup that handles issues quickly and effectively.

Read how we, together with Vestas Offshore Wind, ensure a solid product and efficient processes for future projects.

Read the entire case here

Our services

We have deep business understanding and expertise within:

Concept development

Concept Development

We can help facilitate your innovation process and idea development and test and validate new concepts. We ensure effective management of your interdisciplinary teams and stakeholders.

Technology development

Technology Development

We can help ensure effective management of the development process, including software development, data analysis, robotics, hardware, connectivity, and IoT.

Product Development

Design for Manufacturing

We can help specify requirements and create an efficient design or construction of your product, making it easy to produce and reducing production costs.

Prototyping and testing

Prototyping and Testing

We can help develop realistic prototypes so you can test functionality, quality, and usability. We can also assist in creating digital simulations and leading the testing process.

Product improvement

Product Improvement

We can help facilitate feedback from production and the quality function and identify meaningful product improvements.

NPI and Technology Transfer

New Product Development (NPD) & New Product Introduction (NPI)

New Product Development (NPD) & New Product Introduction (NPI) We can help create a roadmap for the entire product lifecycle, ensuring that the product can be produced sustainably. We can subsequently lead the process of getting the new product into production.

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kaastrup|andersen as your business partner

We assemble a unique team of project managers and specialists based on your needs and the scope of the project. They help you uncover what measures are needed to solve your challenge.

Our project managers and specialists have extensive experience in product development. Therefore, they have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to lead and optimise development while ensuring predictability, stability, and progress in the project, so you can deliver the new product to the market on time, within budget, and with the right quality.

We are always ready for a dialogue about your product development and innovation. Contact Thomas Tengstedt at +45 7027 7719 or