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Consultancy firm with +65 experts in project management and digital solutions

Every day, we assist companies in leading and ensuring progress in their business-critical projects. We have been doing this for over 20 years for some of Denmark's largest companies, as well as smaller ones with big ambitions. Our foremost task is to provide you with confidence in knowing that your investment in business development and new digital solutions yields returns.

Certified project managers with domain expertise
Our project managers have extensive experience with projects across the value chain, such as production projects, change projects, development projects, and IT projects. They are certified in PRINCE2 and Scrum and have significant expertise in hybrid project management, allowing us to utilize the approach and method that best suits safely leading your project to completion.

If we don't have the solution, we build it
We develop digital solutions based on Microsoft. Therefore, you can choose us as your total provider—a house that takes care of design, software development, implementation, project management, anchoring, and subsequent service of your new digital solution.

The formal suit has been replaced with curiosity at eye level
We listen, understand, and act. We are people who collaborate with people. Therefore, you will never get one-size-fits-all solutions with us. We deliver entire projects, from initiation to operation. We bring the solution into everyday life—after all, a finished project only provides real value when it is anchored and operational in your company. And we are only satisfied when you are.

Arbejder sammen

Your honest and equal partner

At kaastrup|andersen, collaboration is the core of everything we do. We support each other in both big and small tasks, and this mutual support creates a unique culture that is reflected in our work both internally and with our clients.

We consider ourselves honest and equal partners in any collaboration. Together, we have a common mission to optimally utilize all available resources—time, money, and skills—to reach the best possible solution. We not only work with our clients—we also work with and within the culture where we are.

Good solutions are about much more than technology. It's about business understanding, project and change management, and employee onboarding.

This is how we work at kaastrup|andersen

We work in teams to ensure high quality in our deliveries. One of our key values is that "behind a k|a'er stands another k|a'er." For us, this means that there is always a skilled colleague in the background who is an expert in your specific business area.

For you, this means that your project remains in motion. We can always add the necessary skills to address the challenges. We proactively handle the problem of scarce resources by assembling different skills and drawing on extra support when needed.


Our mantra

We are people who collaborate with people: We listen, we understand, we act. And we anchor the solution in the organization and among your employees so that it can flourish and create real value.



We always go the extra mile: It's in our DNA to think outside the box if something hinders the project's progress. We are not hesitant to take on more if it ensures that the project runs according to plan.

System kendskab

Our approach

We are honest, proactive, and courageous: We are only as good as our latest project proves. Therefore, we approach each task, regardless of size, with equal respect and ambition.

Our values

At kaastrup|andersen, we have a set of 7 fundamental values that guide us in the way we work and collaborate.

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"kaastrup|andersen is a partner with empathy. As a customer, we can feel secure in the agreements we make. We experience a partner who quickly becomes an integrated part of our organization, without losing momentum on critical observation. It creates success."

Finn Olesen
General Manager, VELUX

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Your progress is our ambition

We take responsibility for your business ambitions. We are known for creating accelerated progress and keeping our promises to each other within budget, time, and delivery. Our many completed projects testify to this.

We have great ambitions both on our own, kaastrup|andersen’s, and our clients’ behalf—and that gives us the courage to ask the tough questions, shed light on unclear areas, and act in the current situation to ensure the desired progress.

We are naturally focused on delivering the best possible result. Internally at kaastrup|andersen, it gives us an intense, learning, and developing culture, and with customers, it helps us learn from and share experiences—both our own and others’. It makes us curious about ourselves and our own potential for improvement, but especially about the customer’s culture, thoughts, and ways of doing things.

Our culture and values enable us to function and deliver in all types of organizations, large and small—and always with a smile.

Our values

Results are achieved when business systems, processes, and people come together.

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Harald og Anton

Our story

kaastrup|andersen is an example of the classic entrepreneurial story. It begins in 2001, when the two entrepreneurs, Harald Høi Andersen and Anton Kaastrup-Hansen, take the leap from Bang & Olufsen. They move to Silkeborg because it is the perfect location in relation to the customers they collaborate with. And there is a short distance to a number of the country’s best educational institutions, which they are happy to involve themselves with.

Since its inception in 2001, solutions, advice, and project management have been the focal point. Today, we have built up a strong expertise in selected services that contribute to our customers’ growth. Read our customer cases here.

kaastrup|andersen has undergone good development with 9 gazelle awards to date.

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