About us

We are kaastrup|andersen

We create solutions that combine digitalization, technology and business.

kaastrup|andersen delivers business-critical solutions that enable our customers to achieve significant benefits. Our assistance and solutions are tailored to the unique customer needs, based on a strong knowledge base from more than 1000 completed projects.

We are committed

We are committed to our clients' business ambitions and have one goal. To fulfill them. We are known to accelerate progress and go the extra mile to deliver on time, within budget and scope.

Business driven

When faced with an opportunity or challenge, we strive to quickly understand the challenge and design a solution that can deliver successful results. With our broad business insights, methods and competencies, we can ensure that solutions are based on best practice and anchored in the organization, to drive the expected results.

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We boost each other

Continuous competence building and a strong team spirit is part of our DNA

A team behind every project manager

Every project manager is part of a team in kaastrup|andersen and it means that project managers work together and help one another whenever possible, thereby providing additional value for our customers.

Continuous competence development

It matters for us to be updated and ready to deliver outstanding results in the projects at our customers´, and we spend a healthy amount of time and resources making sure that we are on the forefront.

kaastrup|andersen - in short

Our starting point

It is a fact that a lot of change projects never reaches their goals or only partly shows the planned results. One of the primary reasons is that the changes are executed and implemented too slowly.

When time passes in a project, the number of factors in the surroundings that affects the project also increases. It heightens the risk that the projects are diluted and the efforts and investments that have been made, creates poor or no value for the company.

To us, managing projects is all about creating progress, but that is easier said than done. If we take a closer look, there are both a high degree of complexity and a lot of dependencies. Most often it is the stakeholders and the cooperation between them that influence whether the project manager is able to create successful progress. This makes the personal competences crucial, as well as awareness and training of the personal competences. Without the right passion and with deficient training, the possibility of creating progress will be negligible.

Our story

kaastrup|andersen is a good example of classical entrepreneurship, starting in the living room on the second floor in the Danish town Struer in 2001. The company started out in Struer as the two entrepreneurs were former employees of Bang & Olufsen.

It quickly becam apparent that further development of the company required a more central location in Jylland, and Silkeborg became the choice. Silkeborg is perfectly located in relation to the customers that we work with. At the same time, the city is close to several educational institutions that we also involve ourselves in and work with.

Projects have always been at the core of our work and in 2007 we sharpened our focus on project management. Until now, kaastrup|andersen has grown, achieving 8 Gazelle awards, the latest in 2017. This fine development has created a strong culture revolving around management of projects.

Our values

In kaastrup|andersen we see ourselves as one large team, heling each other with large and small issues – across the organization. This fosters a unique culture that is also apparent when working at our customers: we work with and in the culture of the individual workplace. We see ourselves as an honest and equal partner in a cooperation where it is our joint task to utilize all resources – time, money, competencies – in the best way possible, achieving the set goals of the projects.

What drives us?

In kaastrup|andersen we are all ambitious, both for ourselves, for kaastrup|andersen and for our customers – and this gives us the courage to ask the unspoken questions, shed light on the dark areas and act in the given situation in order to ensure the progress in the projects.

Our ambitions also make us competitive persons: we strive to deliver the best result possible and that also makes us encourage each other to push the limits and raise the bar. Internally in kaastrup|andersen this provides us with an intense, educative and developing culture and when working with our customers it helps is learn from – and share – both our own and also the experiences of others.

It is also about curiosity, both looking at ourselves and our own possibilities for improvement, but especially about the culture, thoughts and ways of the customer.

It is our experience that our kaastrup|andersen values and culture enables us to work and deliver in all kinds of organizations, large and small – and always with a smile.

Take a closer look at our values here (in Danish).

Why is kaastrup|andersen the right choice?

We tailor a package for you. We use our vast experience with complex and business critical projects and convert your needs to business opportunities when we select, combine and develop the right solution for your company.

We do what we are good at doing. Our core competence is to execute the projects quickly and optimally. We do this by managing projects through all stages: from vision to idea, business, case, project management, implementation and evaluation. We make sure that your organization can focus on your core competences.

We are independent and objective. We are not tied to providers or producers and are not part of the internal political or organizational relations in your organization. As external consultants we focus on the goal and ensures timely and clear communication of both good and bad news during the work.

We bring new knowledge to your organization. We have our finger on the pulse and our consultants are undergoing training continuously, to make sure that we maintain our high level of competences. Our knowledge becomes your knowledge and we look closely at each individual project, recommending other elements, that would be able to improve the project and your organization, be it training, workshops, specialist knowledge or other things. Our experience shows that we create high levels of efficiency and progress by handling the projects differently.

And we only sell what you need: we estimate – in close cooperation with you – what it takes to complete the task and make sure that our agreement matches your needs.

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