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An ERP project is about much more than just technology. It also involves a deep understanding of business, project and change management, and the onboarding of employees into the new ERP system.

We specialise in leading complex, business-critical projects and changes, and we are proud to have been doing so for the largest Danish companies for over 20 years.

We are your trusted advisor, ensuring that your requirements are translated into the system so that the solution supports your unique business processes.

As your ERP business partner, we will safely guide you through the digital transformation of your business, allowing you to achieve results and take the lead in your industry with a future-proof system.

Are you interested in learning more about the process leading up to us becoming partners? We have outlined the process for you. Download the PDF here.

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We can assist you throughout the entire process

Transitioning from isolated and custom on-premise solutions to the future's dynamic cloud-based ERP is a significant leap.


We ensure a successful start to your ERP project with pre-analysis and requirement specification, among other things. This provides you with a solid foundation for making informed decisions, allowing you to choose the system that meets your needs.


We carry out the implementation step by step, avoiding operational disruptions, and deliver first-class project management. This relieves you of concerns about system vendors, schedules, budgets, and stakeholders.


We ensure thorough change management, guaranteeing that your employees feel completely comfortable with the system and have a clear understanding of how to use it.

Ongoing Support

In ongoing support, we ensure that your ERP system is always fine-tuned and ready for the next step, helping to adapt it as your business evolves.

Download PDF with description of the process

Download PDF

People are what make your ERP system valuable. We look beyond the technology and ensure throughout the process that your company and employees are geared towards digital transformation.

Select system and vendor

Customisations are costly. When choosing your new ERP system, it is crucial that, based on pre-analysis, you find the system that, with standard modules, can bring your company closest to its goals.

Transform your business with Microsoft Dynamics 365
We are happy to assist with an analysis of which system best matches your needs. In most cases, the pre-analysis points to Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the best solution. This is because Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes a wide range of standard modules that many Danish companies can implement without major customisations.

Why move to Dynamics 365 in the cloud?

Transform your business with advanced technology, enabling you to proactively streamline critical business processes and improve performance by connecting data and automating tasks.

Fleksibel og skalerbar

Greater scalability and flexibility

Support your company's growth without costly changes to your IT infrastructure. For example, you can quickly initiate and implement new users.


Increased cybersecurity

With the right configuration and up-to-date system updates, you can monitor your IT and react proactively to potential security challenges. Your company's sensitive data, applications, and intellectual property are stored in Microsoft's secure and advanced data centers.

Reducerede omkostninger

Reduced IT costs

Improve IT productivity by reducing the complexity of managing hardware, software, and support. Reduce the hassle of maintenance, backups, and upgrades, for example.

Data i realtid

360-degree overview and real-time insight

Connect your data from different systems by integrating them into one source. Get data and insights from one reporting system, enabling you to make fact-based decisions at the right time.


Adaptation to new business needs

Scale your ERP up and down as needed. You can test and expand with other apps from the D365 platform and go live with changes quickly, or build your own apps in Microsoft's Power Platform.


Increased collaboration and productivity

Access data anywhere, anytime, from any device. Allow external collaborators to share information in real-time, streamlining and facilitating collaboration.

We are open for a non-binding conversation about the transformation of your ERP system.

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Our promise to you

In collaboration with our leading partners, we implement, integrate, and embed your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP in clear and well-defined stages, ensuring operational continuity. We lead the change and ensure that all employees receive the necessary training.

We take care of ongoing maintenance, development, and support of your D365 ERP. We ensure efficient business processes and change management, allowing you to focus on the core business of your company and reap the benefits of your investment.


Solid industry knowledge

Drawing on over 20 years of industry experience, we propel complex, business-critical projects forward in the largest Danish companies, ensuring your D365 ERP reaches its goals in daily operations.

Projektledelse i topklasse

Top-quality project management

Our key to success lies in our team of certified project managers. They are certified in PRINCE2 and SCRUM and have extensive knowledge of hybrid project management and change management. Therefore, we can provide the necessary knowledge and experience to drive your ERP project forward.

Gennemprøvet koncept

Proven concept

We ensure cost-effective ERP by fully leveraging the D365 standard platform, minimising expenses for maintenance and operation. We ensure flexibility by implementing in modules, placing relevant business processes in separate applications that are activated as needed.

Holistisk forretningsforståelse

Holistic business understanding

Our holistic business understanding is crucial to ensuring that your D365 ERP not only meets technical requirements but also contributes to your overall business goals. We work closely with you to ensure that your ERP creates real value and sustainable success.

Full service partner

Full-Service D365 Partner

We take care of ongoing maintenance, optimisation, training, support, and license management. We are your development partner when it comes to data conversions, integrations, reporting, and customisations.

Analytisk og proaktiv tilgang

Analytical and proactive approach

Your ERP should be seen as a dynamic resource for your company. As your business partner in D365 ERP, we ensure that your ERP reflects your company's development – and not the other way around. Our analytical and proactive approach to optimisation ensures business continuity and impact.

Should we be your business partner in Dynamics 365 ERP?

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