Implementation on time - or before

We create valuable progress in your projects and work to ensure that the expected benefits are realized.

Studies show that only 1/3 of all projects are delivered on time, within budget and with the agreed deliverables. There can be many reasons for this, but often it relates to how the project – and the surroundings – are being managed.

The main contributor to the management is the project manager. A project manager is not just a project manager, there are big differences in the ways that project management is conducted.

What does your project manager spend his/her time on? Being a skilled leader or acting as specialist, getting into the specific detail of the tasks being done in the project?

Does your project manager spend time and use tools to break down complexity and act proactively or are the problems left on your table, waiting to be solved?

We believe that project management is about creating results through and with others. It is leadership and it is the passion that drives all of us in kaastrup|andersen.

You can also read more about how we work with change management and risk management.

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