In the public sector there are fixed frameworks for how to handle digitalization.

The public sector is going through big change, internally as well as externally. The changes are driven by changing rules and regulations, reforms, guidelines from the Ministry of Finance and, not least, the changes following the digital and technological breakthroughs.

Digitalization is an obvious focus area, if we want to optimize and create services for the citizens. There are many possibilities, the technologies are extensive and it can be hard to find the most beneficial way to realize the potential.

During many years, kaastrup|andersen has helped Danish municipalities and authorities tap into the potential of digitalization and the changes that it invokes internally in the organization as well as externally in relation to the citizens.

We work closely with the members of the organization to define the potential, create the design and implement solutions to reap the benefits and fulfill the goals. By using a set of well tested methods we provide solutions that meets the need of each specific organization.

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