Create value with agility

Agility is a focus area in many organisations. Using agile methods and approaches when developing new products and services facilitates frequent deliverables, catering to the real and immediate needs of the customer.

Customer involvement is at the core of the agile methods and so is ongoing prioritizations and adjustments, teamwork and a high transparency throughout the entire project – for all stakeholders.

kaastrup|andersen works with agility in many contexts: Our consultants take the role as Scrum Masters or Release Train Engineers, and they often play an integral part in organisations that face or are already working with a transformation from traditional to agile methods.

Implementing agile methods does not happen by a stroke of magic, and experience shows that often unexpected challenges arise during the transformation. It can be organizational, tool related and/or process related bumps on the road, where competent and professional (project) management can contribute to ensure progress and success in the projects that are affected by the transformations.

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