Stop waste - and get results

Are you wasting time and resources in your business?

When your function is met with requests for annual cost reductions and efficiency improvements, specialist skills in lean and standardization are a must.

How to address the challenges? How to make the employees welcome and accept the improvement processes? How large is the potential?

Lean is based on the search for the optimal processes: the processes that create value from the customer's point of view. In lean terminology, these are called value chains.

kaastrup|andersen works and helps customers every day to optimize and develop their processes. In particular, the process work is directed at the value chains that produce the product. Either ‘end to end’ internally within the company or in a more extended form the entire value chain including the company's suppliers / dealers and ultimately the customers.

Get the big picture

Before starting the detailed work on your value chains, it is often useful to create an overview of the overall process. It will help you:

  • To visualize the different flows
  • To see where there is waste
  • To maintain the lean principles
  • To select the people to assist in implementation
  • To show the relationship between information and physical flow
  • Explain to your colleagues in the management team what you are chasing


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