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Change Management is an essential component in the toolbox of the project manager. No matter how good the deliverables of the project, they will not create value until they have been implemented and a change has taken effect.

Some changes are small and requires training and minor adjustment to processes. Others call for a broader focus on management tools, organizational culture and doing business across different departments. Therefore, it is vital that the project manager creates an overview of the extent of the change and prepares a targeted effort.

The risk of not working with change management is that not all the organization embraces the change. And choosing an unstructured approach can lead to blowing up the change to be something that it is not. In both cases it costs additional resources and it diminishes the chance to gain maximum value from the deliverables of the project.

Change management is about creating a setup that helps the employees adjust to the new daily life and ensures that the company is ready for the change. This is ongoing work throughout the whole project and requires a structured and planned effort.

Read more about Change Management in our article here (in Danish).

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