Application design and development

Take advantage of the most modern technologies

Innovation, agility and competitiveness are some of the key words when we talk about IT systems and software today. Speed and adaptability are in high demand and this means that maintaining legacy systems of the past is often unprofitable and inefficient.

Each business has specific needs that are not necessarily covered by major off-the-shelf-solutions and those needs can be met in new, simpler ways with modern technologies and platforms. kaastrup|andersen provides a strong team of specialists to ensure that your next IT solution meets the right needs, is efficient, future-proof and successfully implemented in your business.

Close cooperation

Our project teams quickly create an overview of your short- and long-term business needs and priorities as well as insights into the organization and the processes that the system must support and streamline. The project is executed and implemented in close cooperation with you, inspiring you to also think innovatively to find the most effective solutions.

Our project method is agile and provides us with full control of the overall scope, progress and deadlines. We believe in close collaboration, and often work with you at your premises throughout the project.

Modern technologies and leading platforms

We work with modern and efficient technologies and develop on the leading platforms in the market: Java, Microsoft .NET and various Open Source framework tools. Part of our goal is to be at the forefront of development, so we continuously develop our skills and knowledge in relation to what is trending, both within software development, connectivity, in the platform area etc. At the same time, we keep tabs on new development methods, tools and best practice in relation to successful implementation of the solutions.

Operation and maintenance

As a full-service provider, we also take responsibility for the solutions after they are live and in operations. We ensure delivery to our 'Operation and Maintenance', which focuses on maintaining a deep knowledge of your solution and ensuring quick and agile cooperation.

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