Service and support

Service and support

We stand ready to help you increase your bottom line through higher productivity in operation.

We help with sparring on issues such as tracking devices, technology, labeling and direct procurement of the necessary equipment.

We help with the implementation of your changes so that you can reach increased productivity faster. It could be to register your existing tools and machines in your kajoule solution.

We have the experience to ensure better progress for you, but also get the right solution set up from the start.


We are ready to help you with any challenges - in both Danish and English.

A solution specifically for you

Behind kajoule is our own developer team and experienced partners - so we have both the knowledge and the capacity to create specific solutions for you if you need it - contact us for a talk about options and prices.

Optimizing your capacity

kajoule appen

By using kajoule tool management and tracking, you get an overview of your units and their activity level. It is a unique opportunity to adjust your inventory of tools and machines so that you both ensure a lower level of investment and make sure that the right purchases are made so that efficiency increases. Contact us for a dialogue on how we can optimize your capacity.

Help is at your fingertips

The kajoules menu bar gives you direct access to guides and other relevant topics.


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