Benefits with kajoule


The construction industry has a great potential for increased productivity!

The construction industry has a great potential for increased productivity: Studies show that only one third of the working time in the construction industry is value-adding ('Produktivitet i renoveringen', Neve and Wandahl, 2018).

kajoule solves this - by usin kajoule you eliminate time waste arising from a lack of overview of tool and machine placement.

  • kajoule tracks your tagged devices
  • kajoule provides a geographical overview of your devices
  • You save time and expenses by not having to drive in vain or look for your devices

Benefits with kajoule

kajoule automates your tool management with tracking and eliminates administration, enabling employees to focus on their tasks. The solution gives you an updated overview of real-time lists and reports. No forgotten registrations due to manual processes: your tools, machines and tasks are automatically tracked by kajoule.

It's easy to get started. The kajoule app helps you quickly get started with out-of-the-box tool management and we support your implementation so you have the momentum to realize the benefits. And then you have unlimited users.

Examples of savings in a company with 25 employees:

Savings with kajoule

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Byggeri i gang Strengthen your bottom line through less waste of time and less investment

All tools and machines are registered to give you a complete overview of what you have, where it is and who has what.

A complete overview of all tools and machines

A flexible overview for employees and managers, full utilization of the tools and saved time on searching.

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Håndværker med bjælke Less time spent on searching - more time to spend building

Tracking ticks on tools and machines provide an overview of where the tool is - without you having to actively do anything. It eliminates time waste and frustrations.

Always updated overview - higher productivity

The overview is always up to date and dynamic and gives increased productive focus on building and creating.


Mindre mistet værktøj

Keep track of the tool - less lost tools

By introducing a person responsible for each tool, you get an overview of what has been handed out to the individual and what should be handed in when an employee leaves the position.