In a world of constant changes agile Project Management can be the way to go

Today, many businesses face practically ruthless demands to be ready for changes due to the constantly shifting needs of their customers. On top of that, technological developments often overtake companies from within, and changes to market conditions come fast and with little warning. This also means that project management is undergoing transformation.

Agile methods are gaining more and more ground based on the assumption that projects are not static, and that new knowledge can (and should be) be acquired along the way and applied to the project immediately. In short, agile project management has become the solution to some of the weaknesses that plan-driven project management has struggled with for decades.

We have gathered 52 pages of inspiration for your next project here.  In the compendium you will find

  • 7 tips for the Agile Project Manager
  • An overview of the pros and cons in Agile vs. Traditional Project Management methods
  • 3 techniques for setting up the Agile team
  • And much more

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