Operation & Efficiency


Do you need to rethink your production setup or your service offerings?

The marketplace is global, the distance to the customers is shorter and the expectations to you and your business is increasing – almost daily. It creates a focus on reducing delivery time, increasing availability at a lesser cost while the customers expect higher levels of service and greater transparency in the process.

This requires continuous improvement and optimization, and not least, the ability to create and innovate operations, in order to maintain the competitive position or even become a differentiating factor for your company.

There are many ways to approach the challenges: transfer of production, automatization, robotics, maintenance systems, shopfloor systems, supply chain systems, return systems or servitization – it all requires that the companies improve in order to maintain their relevance in the market.

kaastrup|andersen helps companies identify potential areas for optimization and creates solutions that underpins the continuous growth and performance of the companies.

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