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HOFOR raises its services to new heights with asset management

Previously we have described how kaastrup|andersen helped HOFOR (Greater Copenhagen Utility (Hovedstadsområdets Forsyningsselskab)) with the analysis phase of a major asset management project. The aim of the project was to implement systems to monitor and control HOFOR 's growing wind turbine parks. The actual project was launched after the analysis and is now almost complete. The value is already visible and HOFOR looks into a future where they have full control over their many assets.

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HOFOR - Asset Management

"Our asset management solution is already showing its value and we hold the key to a significant improvement in the services we provide to our owners."

Jesper Pedersen
Area Manager, Vind og energihandel, HOFOR


Following a completed and approved analysis project (read about it here), HOFOR set about executing the actual project. The analysis project had provided a requirement specification, which formed the basis for the tender material to ensure that HOFOR would choose the best provider of the solution.

The overall requirements for the system were:

  • Continuous collection of real time data from the wind turbines on their operation and production
  • Own control of agreed service targets with the wind turbine operators
  • Decision basis for handling technical turbine guarantees
  • Ongoing management and operations reporting
  • Analysis of events, alarms and historical data related to wind turbine performance
  • Functionality to start and stop selected turbines or entire wind turbine farms at the same time, and the ability to schedule this


The project started with a bidding round, which was handled in close collaboration with HOFOR Procurement. Contract design, validation of offers and supplier selection was joint work of HOFOR Procurement, Wind and HOFOR IT as well as project management. The selected provider was Bazefield and their standardized asset management system. The implementation project was initiated and after making design and configuration adjustments to the system, the implementation could begin. The implementation phase took place while turbines were in operation, as the new system simply extracts data and does not affect the operation in any way.

Building the network infrastructure necessary to support the total solution was a major challenge. A solution of this size with that amount of functionality required the creation of a network structure with high IT security. Close cooperation between project management and the IT Infrastructure delivery responsible was necessary in order to consolidate the platform for the asset management solution.

The asset management system handles large amounts of data. With the solution HOFOR has gathered all their data in one place, regardless of it being information about the performance, vibration, wind, moisture or other elements. The solution provides HOFOR with a strong, scalable tool, which both contains a large data engine for data analysis and a visualization tool. This means that HOFOR can create reports both for optimizing the production, planning of maintenance and as a decision basis for management. The system handles both real-time data and historical data from the individual wind turbine. This gives HOFOR a valuable opportunity to monitor and extrapolate data with the aim of planning future maintenance.


Already during the latter part of the implementation process and to a greater extent now after a period of normal operation, the system provides great value. Part of the benefits of the new solution are obtained through monitoring. In HOFOR's dedicated asset management room several large monitors are installed, displaying the data in a graphical format, making it easy and simple to keep an eye on the wind turbine farms - and react if something requires attention.

By utilizing HOFOR strategic reporting platform PowerBI in combination with asset management, the solution's strong data engine brings HOFOR a unique opportunity to create management reports, which combine real-time operation with other business data, thereby visualizing the wind business of HOFOR very precisely.

HOFOR is looking forward to expanding the reporting and becoming even better at leveraging the vast amount of data. This means that both HOFOR and their customers maximize the gains of their large investments in the wind turbines, which is also one of the key elements of the City of Copenhagen's goal of becoming CO2 neutral in 2025.

kaastrup|andersen managed the asset management project.

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