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Asset Management

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Collecting and consolidating data can help us create transparency and provide a basis for more control and predictability - and ensure efficient and optimal production

Greater Copenhagen Utility (Hovedstadsområdets Forsyningsselskab, HOFOR) owns and operates a number of wind turbines. Large amounts of data on the performance and operation of each turbine can be collected, and it can form the basis for optimizing service, scheduling maintenance and improving the performance of the turbines in general.

kaastrup|andersen was in charge of the analysis phase of a project that will place HOFOR in the driver's seat in relation to asset management at their existing and future wind turbines.

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HOFOR owns and operates a number of wind turbines producing electricity. And the turbines continuously collect a large amount of data on their performance and operation, which can be used to optimize the service, maintenance and performance. The purpose of the analysis project was to create the basis and criteria for the selection, development and commissioning of a solution that will support an optimization of the wind turbine yield. It should also ensure an effective basis for the long-term operation, and thereby the profit from the sale of electricity from wind turbines. The solution is central to HOFOR's goal for the development of the company in the coming years, working towards Copenhagen's vision of becoming the world's first CO2 neutral capital in 2025.

The objective of the analysis project was to identify needs of the asset management function and to define the requirements for the final solution. The specification of the requirements will subsequently form the basis for a tender, the supplier selection, the development and final implementation of the completed IT solution.

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The analysis project was based on the objectives of the overall project:

  • Continuous collection of real-time data from the wind turbines about their operation
  • Own control of agreed service targets with the wind turbine operators
  • Decision basis for handling technical turbine guarantees
  • Ongoing management and operations reporting
  • Analysis of events, alarms and historical data related to wind turbine performance
  • Functionality to start and stop selected turbines or entire farms at the same time, and schedule this

The analysis project collected and reviewed the needs and requirements of internal stakeholders, customers, technicians, gathered experience and knowledge from competitors and colleagues in the industry and conducted a thorough investigation of the solutions on the market.

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The result of the analysis project: a comprehensive requirement specification. In it’s final form it constitutes the core of the tender material, which will provide the basis for choosing a supplier of the IT system for HOFOR's asset management. At the same time, the process has sharpened HOFOR's focus and direction in relation to the future business model - and the opportunities and potentials that arise when data is collected, processed and used effectively.

kaastrup|andersen executed the analysis project.

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Sales Manager
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