Our values

7 fundamental values

At kaastrup|andersen, our values guide us in the way we work and collaborate. You find each value elaborated on this page. You can also download the values as pdf here.

Helpful - we are never alone

We are helpful and make our colleagues shine - behind every k|a emplyee is another k|a employee. You and we are never alone.

  • We give to each other - the more the better. And we say thank you for the help.
  • We pay attention to colleagues' behavior - and are willing to lend a hand
  • Our community and cooperation form the basis for successful work and great results with customers
  • We share new knowledge and learning - and do not wait to be asked to share

Whether we push or pull - we do it together.

Ambitious - we have the will to be the best

We act proactively and always focus on improving both ourselves and the work we deliver. We are good at giving each other responsibility and showing trust. We are persistent and attentive, ensuring the balance between effort and value-added results for the customer.

  • We make an effort and believe our success is achieved through successful project completion for customers
  • There is room to compete - in a constructive tone and atmosphere
  • We have confidence because we are part of k|a
  • We create development and progress
  • Show it - don't tell it!

We optimise plans along the way.

Honest - we tell it like it is

We believe that the best results are achieved by being honest. We act responsibly, with integrity, and based on the principle that everything withstands daylight. We always keep the goal in mind when using our own and the customer's resources.

  • We are responsible and do what is necessary to achieve optimal results
  • We approach both qualitative and quantitative facts professionally - and supplement with an experience-based gut feeling
  • Transparency and openness form the basis for how we make decisions.
  • We create clear lines through honesty

We tell it like it is.

Courageous - we dare to act

We have influence and dare to both ask for help and speak up when necessary. We have the courage to openly discuss problematic issues and ask questions - even the hard ones. We see our independence as crucial and express our opinions both within and outside our ranks.

  • We believe in an equal, respectful relationship between consultant and customer
  • We develop through learning from our own and others' mistakes - and are happy to stand by it
  • We are happy to take responsibility and motivated to reach our goals
  • We create focus with our courage

We dare - even when it tickles in the stomach.

Curious - we believe in results through development

Our curiosity leads to development. We make room for big ideas and welcome innovation and creative thinking. We look at new trends and tendencies to draw inspiration and learning into our work.

  • We wonder, reflect, and experiment in an ongoing improvement process
  • We are good at sharing successes and learning from each other
  • We do not reinvent the wheel. We build on others' and each other's good ideas
  • We create opportunities by being curious
  • See, listen, learn

We ask questions - it's the basic rule for learning something new.

Resourceful - we are admired for our ability to drive progress

We find that decisiveness helps spread motivation in our surroundings. Motivation breeds energy and fruitful progress in the projects we handle and with the customers we work with.

  • We focus on reaching the goal without the future overtaking us
  • We go the extra mile to ensure delivery
  • We take the bull by the horns and lead the way
  • We create motivation with our decisiveness

We'd rather be accused of overdoing it than hesitating.

And last but not least: We have fun

We believe that good humor, fun, and the ability to bring a smile create value. The security in our community allows us to laugh both at and with each other - and we don't take ourselves too seriously. We help each other maintain a happy and positive approach to everyday life.

  • We hold on to our k|a family feeling - even as we grow quickly
  • We make sure to celebrate our successes - and pass on the learning and experiences
  • We are passionate team players and value that highly
  • We believe that joy and good humor create (more) energy
  • We create energy because we have fun

Smile at the world, and it smiles back.

Our door is always open

Do not hesitate to reach out to us - we are always ready for an informal dialogue about what we offer.