Grundfos sharpens the workflow in the local service centers

Faster repair and simpler processes

Do you also want to cut down on the repair time for your products?

When a global company like Grundfos provides service to end users, this is often done through local service centers. In some cases, it takes a relatively long time to perform a repair and Grundfos Service has an assumption that many processes and workflows can be streamlined and made simpler and faster, both by adapting to local conditions but also by creating a central Center of Excellence for Repair Centers. The Center of Excellence will be given responsibility for defining ‘ways of working' and several global processes for the individual service centers. kaastrup|andersen undertook an analysis project to pave the way for streamlining the service business.

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"The analysis project provided us with a strong foundation for further developing our service business, both specifically on the floor where the work is going on and on a more general level with global processes and 'ways of working'."

John Klein
Director, Service Operations, Grundfos


With a global organization and customers on all continents, Grundfos has great potential in running an efficient service business. Grundfos has local, regional and central service centers where customers can have their pumps and equipment repaired. Sometimes a repair can take a long time and employees have the feeling that some work processes are ineffective. A local customer must in some cases wait a long time to get his products back after repair, so for the Grundfos organization itself there is great value in looking at how knowledge, experience and know-how from the many localities can best be used to provide better service to customers.

It makes sense to align and quality assure workflows and products at the many local centers. Therefore, Grundfos initiated an analysis project aimed at identifying best practice of selected workflows and, on a more general level, drawing the structures of a Service Excellence concept, with a Center of Excellence for Repair Centers. In the future, this Center of Excellence will be responsible for 'ways of working’, process definitions and documentation for all local and regional service centers to ensure governance and continued development of local services.

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The analysis project was based on the actual applied work processes at two selected local service centers in Italy and France respectively. One service technician was followed by two observers through an entire workday and the observations resulted in a series of visual mappings of the movements of both the staff, the materials and the associated documentation throughout a repair process. Even when recording the workflows, it was clear that there were many places where work could be more efficient - and easier for the employees. At each of the two service centers, selected employees participated in a full-day workshop, where the observations were reviewed, and in-depth explanations were added to the many workflows and processes.

Together with other available information, the observations formed the basis for a comprehensive documentation of the current situation:

  • Workflows
  • Productivity
  • Handling of equipment
  • Information flow in associated IT systems

All in all, the analysis project provided a wide range of concrete recommendations (a total of 28) in order of priority within several different areas.


With the analysis project report in hand, Grundfos takes the first steps to optimize their workflows at the local service centers: the recommendations of the project have paved the way to reduce repair time, provide better service and raise customer satisfaction. The report is also a part of the initial work on the establishment of a Center of Excellence for Repair Centers.

The model for carrying out the analysis project itself proved extremely effective: the sharp focus on the importance of mapping out the work that is actually done at the service centers ensures that the basis for determining the ‘ways of working' and global processes for the service centers are rooted in specific work situations carried out in 'real surroundings'. The visual mapping of the workflows provided clear overviews of both challenges and solutions and is a strong foundation for the development of the upcoming Center of Excellence for Repair Centers.

kaastrup|andersen executed the analysis project.

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