Mobilex creates the future with the right choice of ERP system

Mobilex A/S takes the next steps on their growth journey with the digital transformation of their ERP setup.

Mobilex's current ERP system struggles to keep up with the company's rapid growth and increased need for digitisation. This business-critical challenge requires a careful and strategic approach to the selection of a new system and supplier. Mobilex allies with kaastrup|andersen. Together, they ensure that the choice of a new ERP system is made on a solid and fact-based foundation.

Mobilex, a leading provider of aids for the elderly and people with physical disabilities, faces a crucial decision for their future growth. With a significant increase in activity from dealers across Europe and a growing demand for digitisation, they see the need to upgrade their current ERP system to, among other things, better automate work processes. Mobilex involves kaastrup|andersen in this process. kaastrup|andersen is the objective sparring partner helping Mobilex make the business-critical choice of ERP system and supplier based on an informed and fact-based decision-making process.

Mobilex identifies the right ERP system and chooses kaastrup|andersen for project management of the ERP implementation and the significant change process that the implementation entails, based on the successful pre-analysis process. They do this based on kaastrup|andersen's extensive knowledge of Mobilex and the effective process they have gone through, as well as kaastrup|andersen's expertise in leading complex, business-critical IT projects.

Read about the collaboration between Mobilex and kaastrup|andersen in this case.

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Thomas Nygaard Christensen

"Alongside kaastrup|andersen, we had the pleasure of working with competent consultants who understood our needs. Their professionalism and trustworthy approach made the entire process of choosing the right ERP system and supplier efficient and transparent.

It was clear that the consultants had a wide range of skills that complemented each other well. They guided us through with a plethora of good tools that helped us objectively evaluate the various ERP systems they presented to us. ERP systems and suppliers that would have been difficult for us to identify and select on our own. Additionally, they provided ongoing expert advice, so we knew exactly what to pay attention to and how best to navigate through this critical decision-making process for our business."

Thomas Nygaard Christensen
CEO, Mobilex A/S


Mobilex faces the challenge that their current ERP system, which they have developed and adapted over the years, can no longer keep up with the company's growth and the increasing demand for digitisation. While the system covers certain areas well, it lags behind in others. To ensure that they can keep up with digital developments, it is necessary to upgrade to a more modern and contemporary ERP solution, allowing them to better automate work processes.

As a company with no prior experience in choosing and replacing ERP systems, Mobilex decides that they need a reliable sparring partner to guide them through this complex and business-critical process. With the vast landscape of options available within ERP systems, they want to ensure they choose the right system that can meet both their current and future needs.

Mobilex is also aware of the importance of integrating change management from the beginning of the project to prepare the organisation for the upcoming change. They understand the need to address the psychological aspects that play a role in employees' acceptance of the new system and to ensure the project's success.


kaastrup|andersen contributes experienced ERP consultants who guide Mobilex efficiently through the process in a safe and structured manner. kaastrup|andersen's role is to help them navigate through the complex landscape of ERP solutions, connect it to their specific needs, and safely guide them through the business-critical process of choosing an ERP system and supplier.

kaastrup|andersen's ERP consultants create the necessary overview through a well-proven and methodical approach, based on Mobilex's specific needs with the goal of providing a fact-based decision-making basis.

The process consists of the following four steps:

  1. Definition of Mobilex's business needs through structured interviews with employees to ensure involvement and support from the entire organisation
  2. Evaluation of the critical nature and value creation of business needs based on Mobilex's own valuation. kaastrup|andersen uses an analysis tool to score the various business needs to ensure objectivity.
  3. Screening of potential suppliers that match Mobilex's requirements
  4. Presentation of the best ERP suppliers and their systems with accompanying workshops to gain in-depth insight into the systems' functionalities

Based on the pre-analysis, Mobilex chooses to proceed with three possible ERP systems. All three systems can support the company's growth ambitions and digital transformation. It is crucial for Mobilex that the choice of the new ERP system and its implementation does not negatively affect operations or create difficulties for their valuable dealers across Europe. It proves to be a challenging task to make the final choice, as initially, various business functions find several of the presented ERP systems and suppliers suitable for the company's needs.

In this situation, kaastrup|andersen offers objective analysis tools and guidance to help Mobilex narrow down their choice. Additionally, Mobilex conducts a comprehensive reference check among the suppliers' customers and draws on their own network to ensure a thorough coverage of all relevant angles before making the choice.


Mobilex selects an ERP supplier in which the company has full confidence and is now preparing to initiate the large-scale implementation of the ERP system. Mobilex is aware of the resources required for a successful implementation and successful anchoring of the new system in the company. Based on the successful pre-analysis process, Mobilex also chooses kaastrup|andersen to be responsible for project management of the ERP implementation and the significant change process. They do this based on kaastrup|andersen's extensive knowledge of Mobilex and the effective process they have gone through so far, as well as kaastrup|andersen's expertise in leading complex, business-critical projects.

An important lesson from the pre-analysis for Mobilex A/S is the importance of change management in the project. All employees are encouraged to participate actively, as it is crucial for the project's success. This joint effort creates a strong cohesion within the organisation, and although challenges may arise along the way, Mobilex is ready to tackle them together and ensure a successful project.

At kaastrup|andersen, we are ready to help you too. We have an objective approach to the selection of ERP systems, starting with your company and its needs. We can assist you with both strategic considerations, system selection, needs assessment, project management, implementation oversight, and subsequent operation and maintenance. Read more about how we work with ERP here.

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