Create more business with service

How to create more business from the company's services?

Does your company focus closely on the customers? And do you provide them with the right services - as part of your offerings?

Dantherm is a leading worldwide provider of air handling systems for a wide range of professional applications, from heating, heat recovery, cooling and air-conditioning to drying and ventilation. Throughout the company's long existence, it has built up a very large base of installed systems, providing valuable data that, when analyzed properly, guide the company to how customers best be helped with service and maintenance. Dantherm saw a potential for further business in improving their customer service, e.g. by adapting their organization to support a new way of engaging with the customers.  Dantherm chose kaastrup|andersen to manage and facilitate the process of developing the service business.

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"The project has improved our service business - and organization as a whole - and will ensure our continued growth. We look forward to realizing the benefits and continuing our positive development."

Claus Havboe Rasmussen
Global Aftersales Manager, Dantherm


Dantherm has an existing service business, built up over the course of the years and it has also been extended with other acquired brands with their own respective service organizations. Dantherm's challenge consisted in forming a new service business centered on 'the right services' in a global environment. The task can be seen as twofold: To identify and design the services that are in demand in the market - and that also creates value for Dantherm, as well as designing the service business and the entire organization so that the customer is provided with the excellent service that they expect.

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Dantherm and kaastrup|andersen initiated a project commencing with a strategic investigation of the market. This included, among other things, a closer look at the organizational tension field between customers, organization and competitors, which is part of the service business. The project focused intensely on the customers to ensure that the service business delivers exactly what the individual customer needs. Part of the work in the project was therefore asking customers, what they expected – and desired – from Dantherm in relation to Service.

A key success factor for most service businesses is the ability to deliver original spare parts to the customer as quickly as possible. Processes, methods and the general approach to service in Dantherm’s service supply chain was analyzed and subsequently adapted to deliver quickly and efficiently in a global context.

Management and anchoring of tasks in the service organization also underwent redesign. The typical tasks of the service business differ significantly from the tasks elsewhere in the company. The means that clarification of the nature of the service tasks, the content and placement of managerial responsibility is central to ensure that the entire organization is geared towards delivering the right services to each customer. Last, but not least, the focus was on working with global processes to ensure rapid and uniform procedures for service delivery across geographical boundaries.

With the analysis, mapping and implementation of both services, methods and processes, Dantherm is now able to work easily and quickly in a global context in a way that creates value and is cost effective in relation to the service business.

Key points of the project:

  • Strategic investigation of the market
  • Sharp focus on delivering the services that are demanded by the customers
  • Systematize the efforts in the organization as well as organizational adaptation
  • Anchoring and realizing the relevant activities in the organization


With the project, Dantherm establishes a modern service business with the right organization to operate seamlessly in a global market. The forecasts predict that the service business in Dantherm will see double-digit growth in the coming years as well as a marked increase in customer satisfaction and market share in the service market.

Dantherm has clear goals and a shared understanding of how every employee in the service business plays a role in the continued success. This also means that the staff at Dantherm is motivated and ready to reach new heights.

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