Molio gets a new ERP system that supports the many business needs

This is how Molio makes the right choice of ERP system on an informed basis

The knowledge company Molio has undergone rapid development in recent years, and so have the requirements for their ERP system. The choice of new ERP system calls for a coverage of needs and objective assessment.

Molio is the united knowledge center for the Danish construction industry. The company consists of a number of different business areas, including subscriptions to digital tools, courses, conference center, construction exhibition and own publishing house. The great breadth makes it difficult to work in common and standardised IT systems, as the business areas' requirements for supporting processes are very different. Seen in the light of Molio's growth and extensive development work in recent years, there is also a need to consider flexibility and adaptability when choosing ERP supplier and -system.

Molio has previously researched the market and been in contact with various suppliers, but it has been difficult to create a sensible basis for comparison. A solid, fact-based decision-making basis is needed to make the right choice, which is why Molio chooses to seek help from kaastrup|andersen to ensure an objective, methodical and structured approach to both preliminary analysis and system and supplier selection.

Below you can read about how Molio and kaastrup|andersen succeed with need- and fact-based selection of an ERP supplier.

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Louise Bjerggaard Thomsen

"kaastrup|andersen's methodical and objective approach to system and supplier selection has given us transparency and security. As a side benefit, we have also gotten to know our business and our needs even better.""

Louise Bjerggaard Thomsen
Finance manager, Molio


The many business areas each have their own way of working, and their products are very different. Therefore, Molio's new ERP system must form the basis for a consolidation of the overall business.
Molio's management needs insight into and an overview of the individual business areas, but also across the entire business. In recent years, Molio has built up several new business areas and cut back on others - in short, development is going strong in the industry. This means that Molio's management needs to constantly have their finger on the pulse in relation to profitability, both in the short and long term, so that the management has an overview of how the business can best be developed.

A central requirement for the system is therefore that it must be open. Molio's current system offers limited options for an overview and the few reports and views that are available are locked and cannot be customized or adjusted.

Specifically, Molio needed help with:

  • Clarification of needs
  • Clear representation of Molio's business needs to the suppliers
  • Preparation of a decision basis for choosing an ERP system
  • Ensuring that business operations are supported by IT
  • Ensuring that the solution is a future-proof platform that supports Molio's growth, profitability and dynamic operation


The consultants from kaastrup|andersen use a well-tested, methodical process that is based on Molio's needs. The first step in the process is a structured information gathering with the key stakeholders, so that all the business areas' needs and existing systems are mapped.

The collected information forms the basis for the further process:

  • Preparation of a requirements document
  • Initial screening of suppliers based on kaastrup|andersen's experience with the systems' strengths
  • Molio and kaastrup|andersen select 5 supplier candidates, who will be sent the requirements document
  • kaastrup|andersen supports the suppliers in the process of answering the requirements document
  • The suppliers follow up their answers with a presentation based on Molio's processes and needs
  • kaastrup|andersens uses an evaluation tool to create an overview of input from answers and presentations – this makes the different systems and suppliers comparable
  • The results are compiled into one clear decision-making basis for Molio

Overall, the final evaluation thus contains both relatively hard data about the functionality of the systems as well as softer data, consisting of the experiences from the suppliers' presentations and the dialogue with the suppliers about their general approach to the task. Both Molio's and kaastrup|andersen's assessments are included in the overall, final evaluation - and this ensures a high degree of objectivity.


kaastrup|andersen consolidates the material and presents Molio with a well-substantiated, fact-based decision-making basis.

The basis for the decision consisted of:

  • An evaluation of needs weighted in relation to how business-critical and value-creating they are
  • An evaluation of the systems' capabilities in relation to Molio's needs
  • An evaluation of the suppliers and their ability to familiarize themselves with Molio as a company
  • A comparable financial overview (both implementation price and operating price based on a Total Cost of Ownership consideration)

The evaluation of the importance of the various needs ensures an objective and informed assessment of the suppliers and their systems. Before the project, Molio was not aware of how many solutions exist, and the company already had a preference for an ERP system. The results from the project, however, show that another system supplier can also be the right match for Molio.

Molio can now, on an informed decision-making basis and with peace of mind, make the right choice between the two suppliers of ERP systems and thereby secure a solid base for the business's future operation and growth.

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At kaastrup|andersen, we are ready to help you to the right choice of ERP system based on your company and its needs.

We can help you with both the strategic considerations, choice of system, needs coverage, project management and management of implementation.

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