Asset Management


Maximize the value of your assets with kaastrup|andersen’s IoT Solution Center

Asset Management helps you create an overview of the (physical) assets in your company, whether it is cleaning machines, cars, medical equipment or computers. A lot of companies would be able to exploit their assets better, if they have overview over and control of the assets. Asset Management automates the monitoring to ensure the overview, creating the basis for streamlining e.g. booking processes, maximizing utilization rates, optimizing moving of assets between locations and, not least, minimizing losses due to disappearing assets.

kaastrup|andersen services

kaastrup|andersen offer a customized Asset Management solution. We work closely with our customers, ensuring that we maintain a focus on the actual needs and values of the individual customer. Often, we combine Asset Management and Condition Monitoring.

We offer two different model for your Asset Management solution:

kaastrup|andersen’s Ready-To-Go:

  • Microsoft Cloud based software
  • Visualization and administration through Microsoft solutions
  • Standard IoT units

Advantage: Swift implementation and thereby a quick realization of benefits.

kaastrup|andersen’s IoT Solution Center:

  • Microsoft Cloud based software
  • Integration with the existing back-end systems
  • Customized visualization of the solutions
  • Customized IoT units
  • Operations- and maintenance support

Advantage: You can focus on your core competences and only spend time on identifying your demands for customizations. You minimize expenses and risks by implementing the IoT solutions that strengthen your business and ensure the realization of benefits.

Why work with kaastrup|andersen?

Over the years kaastrup|andersen have helped our customers in different industries with implementation of Condition Monitoring solutions. We have a specialized IoT organization with dedicated employees ready to handle all tasks and challenges regarding Condition Monitoring.

kaastrup|andersen’s IoT organization also assists with other tasks and projects within IoT.

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